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I help busy women shift the extra weight so they can feel vibrant, happy, and age gracefully.


'Cherish' is a doing word.

Cherish the moment

Cherish the momentum

Cherish the results



As a Naturopath, I focus on Rebalancing Metabolism and Gut Health.

Our Gut is the gateway to our Metabolism and

a Balanced Metabolism leads to Weight Loss, Balanced Hormones,

Increased Energy, Vitality and Longevity.


Metabolic Health


Learn how to manage your Weight, stay Energised and Improve your Health and Longevity by Balancing your Metabolism

As our bodies change and life stays busy and stressful, it gets harder to know how to make adjustments to stay healthy and full of vitality.

As a dedicated, caring, professional I will help you uncover the underlying cause of your health concerns.

My approach is designed to accommodate your personal situation and requirements.

As a Naturopath, I use evidence-based science, quality professional products and educational material to allow me, to help you, navigate your pathway back to health.


Initial  Consultation


* 1 hour 30min

*  Thorough Health, Medical, Dietary, and Lifestyle Investigation

*Functional Medicine Pathology may be requested. 


Metabolic Balance Package

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A one-on-one

 3 month personalised nutritional program designed to reset your metabolism.

Matching food chemistry with blood chemistry.

Weightloss, hormonal balance, digestive health, cardiovascular health and much more. 


Clinical Hypnotherapy

* 45-60min $120 

or the


*package of

3 x sessions.




Pillars of Health Program

A comprehensive 6 week program that strengthens the fundamental steps to great health. 

Includes 12 health modules

giving you the tools necessary for healthy weightloss, overall health and lifestyle. 

Includes meal plans, food lists,

education, mindset work

and support.


Food Compatability

and Wellness Program


Finding the foods and products that are compatible with your body.

A fast way to find out which products you are not compatible with so that you can get on with healing. 


Gut Ecology Proticol



Gut Ecology &

Metabolic Modulation Proticol

An innovative approach to gut health and beyond...

Developed by nature -

Validated by Science.

This protocol is supported by professional products.


4 week wholefood



This is a DIY wholefood cleanse including meal plans, food lists, recipes, and education to support and guide you through your own 4 week cleanse.

Or longer if you like

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Hair Tissue Mineral



Includes diet, lifestyle, and supplemental advice based on your test results. 

* HTMA measures minerals and heavy metals in the actual cell.

Imbalances in minerals and toxicity from heavy metal exposure can be an important key to understanding your health picture.

Health Issues Include:

  • Metabolic Syndrome and Blood Sugar Balance,

  • Cardiovascular Health,

  • Improved Blood Pathology

  • Digestive Health and Cleanses

  • Fatigue and Energy Levels,

  • Body Pains, Headaches and Migraines,

  • Memory and Brain Fog,

  • Mental and Emotional Balance,

  • Hormonal and Menopausal Symptoms,

  • Thyroid health,

  • Adrenal health

Cherish Natural Health

I offer Private Naturopathic Consultations 

Metabolic Balance Package,

Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions,

Functional Medicine Testing

Ready-made programs,



With a lifetime based around family and health, I understand the importance and privilege of being a dedicated Health 'Care' provider for the individual and the family. You don't need to be diagnosed sick to see a Naturopath. Many times symptoms may be vague and tests appear normal. Then you are left without answers and without direction to feeling better. 

I am a dedicated mother of 5. Oil painting is my other secret passion and the beach is my most favourite place to be. 

My interest in health began a number of ways many years back. As an elite lightweight rower, I was required to maintain light bodyweight and maximum strength through diet and training. I also worked as a Dental Therapist at schools and in private practice, The connection with oral health, digestion, gut health, cardiovascular system, energy levels and attitudes, diet and nutrition, lead me along my path to Naturopathy.

The wealth of information available to us now can be overwhelming when trying to navigate health issues and so the need for qualified help and guidance is very valuable. 

I aim to find and treat the underlying root cause of health issues that present as

dis-ease and then provide you with the coaching, tools and information to continue to grow in health. This includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental aspects of your life.

I am excited to be welcomed into your health journey and hope to build a community of strength and support for those that join me. 

  Jodie Studley


Home Office: Staveley Place, Innaloo, Western Australia, 6018

Trigg Medical Pharmacy: Lynn street, Trigg

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