Clean Gut Protocol

A Simple effective protocol that cleans the digestive tract of trapped matter, parasites, and yeast infections. 

               Time for a spring clean

This is a great way to clean your digestive system and prepare your body for better health and cleaner eating.

If your digestive system is feeling sluggish and you suffer from Abdominal pain, bad breath, fatigue, allergies, bowel irritation, fluid retention, food sensitivities, wind, bloating, wind, cramping, thrush, cravings, and more...

There is a high chance that your digestive tract is inflamed, unclean and overrun by parasites that are causing your system distress.


Signs & Symptoms that You may have  Parasites    

Adults get worms too and it's not just about having an itch bottom.


If you experience:

* Food sensitivities, intolerances, allergies such as gluten, dairy, eggs, corn.

* Digestive symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and heartburn.

* Fatigue and brain fog, headaches, cravings, and addictions

* White or creamy coating on the back of the tongue and geographic tongue.

* Recurring Yeast Infections, itching, swelling, pain, discharge and UTI's

* Poor immune system, sinus infections, painful joints,  low moods.

*Tinea, dandruff, skin rashes, nail infections.

Download your PDF on what symptoms to look for. Warning. Some images may look a bit grose. 


What's Involved?


Eliminate unhealthy organisms and the toxins they create with a  potent antiparasitic herbal product. 

Vitaklenz contains a specific blend of 12 herbs used to help rid the body of unhealthy organisms such as worms.

This helps maintain a healthy digestive function. Best used over 60 days.

Our Cleansing Fibre product also comes with herbs, and together they gently cleans and collects old stagnant food matter, kill parasites, collects parasite die off, toxins, yeast and other matter and removes it from your body fast and effectively. This helps to establish healthy bowel movements and habits. 


Replenish the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.

We do this by creating a nutritional wholefood dietary plan for you that will feed your microbiome the essential foods necessary to maintain good health.  

VitaKlenz Recharge: to reseed your microbiome.

PREBIOTICS: certain foods are necessary as prebiotics to feed your microbiome. This is done through diet. 

PROBIOTICS: Re-establishing the bacteria numbers in the gut microbiome occurs when the right foods are introduced.


Our Sean Mineral Product will nourishing your system with all the goodness of ionic sea minerals.

With over 70 minerals and trace elements, ionic ocean-derived minerals that may be missing in your diet with just 1 teaspoon of these minerals every day. 

This works alongside our Recharge Product for best results.


It is recommended that at least 8 glasses of water be taken daily during treatment. 

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There's More... Add on extras and create a package


The Hair 500+ Compatibility Program as it is the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to know which foods and products to remove while you are healing your Gut. This program provides you with a list of close to 600 foods and products. Some items you will be required to avoid and the rest you may enjoy for the course of the program. We introduce the program to work alongside the gut cleanse and in conjunction with the Healthy Whole Food Guide


To add to the value of this package, I include a 4 week Detox program that provides information to assist you in understanding and implementing the process of a successful detox so that you are supported and confident the entire process.

This detox program is delivered though emails. You will also be included in my private FaceBook Group when you will receive support and information around nutrition, lifestyle, recipes and community.

Parasite infestation is way more common than we may think.

If you or any of your family have ever experienced pinworms and been treated then will know what I mean.

Unfortunately, the only indicator of parasites is not just having an itchy bottom.

Parasites infect the intestinal tract, leading to a variety of digestive symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and heartburn, as well as fatigue and chills

Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a fungus that naturally lives within our body. 

Its purpose is to aid with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

However, with diets high in processed foods, sugar, and alcohol, Candida grows out of control and becomes destructive instead.

Candida overgrowth will break down the intestinal lining of our digestive system allowing the fungus to cross over into our bloodstream. It does this by releasing toxins that create what is known as Leaky Gut.

Once in the blood, it will travel through the body creating problems as it goes. 

Blastocyctis Parasites

Unlike Candida which is naturally found in our body and has a purpose in small numbers, the Blastcyctis parasite is one that is transmitted mainly by the fecal-oral route from person to person or animal to person, through the consumption of contaminated food or water, inhalation of aerosolised faeces (due to the cleaning of animal enclosures in zoos and farms), mechanical transmission from flies or cockroaches, or unhygienic sexual practices.

Clean Gut Protocol

COSTING:           $369.00 

Your Clean Gut Protocol Toolbox includes:

* Detailed information, guidelines, and instructions on how to use your Clean Gut Protocol

* Shaker bottle.

* One round of Protocol products (approx one month)

* Facebook support group 

* Email and text message support.

Total Detox & Cleanse Package

COSTING:           $657.00      (Total Value $868.00)

Your Clean Gut Package includes:

* Clean Gut Protocol   (valued at $369.00)

* Food Compatability Program  (valued at $349.00)

* Detox Program  (valued at $150.00)