Metabolic Balance Program

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Your own personalised nutrition plan

taking away the guesswork

of what to eat, when trying to shift weight.

Metabolic Balance is a sustainable, food-based, nutritional solution

completely personalised to your blood results and your body.

For anyone who feels that they have tried every diet under the sun

to attain health and find a healthy weight,

  Metabolic Balance® is for you.

Reset Your Metabolism
By Balancing Blood Chemistry with food Chemeistry

Loose weight

Change your body composition

Balance hormones

Relieve Menopausal symptoms

Regain Energy and Vitality

Better Sleep

Calmer Moods

Think Clearer

Glowing skin

Curb the Food Cravings


Metabolic Balance is a Nutritional Program developed by doctors and nutritional scientists in Germany for Metabolism, Weight Management and Well Being

Using 36 blood parameters, full body measurements and complete health history. Your personalised 4-stage nutritional program will provide a blueprint for you to follow so that you know precisely what foods to eat, what works for you and how to support your health now and into the future. 

Metabolic Balance, balances your "body chemistry" with the right "food chemistry" for you. Your plan will provide you with the exact foods that will work to nourish you to wellness. Providing all the essential and vital nutrients found in fresh wholesome foods with your plan concentrating particularly on the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to re-balance your metabolism.

So Whats Involved ?

Our first meeting is to gather a comprehensive health history, including relevant medical history, Tanita's body composition, and body measurements.

We then access if Metabolic Balance is the path you wish to follow, and arrange a specific set of blood tests through our online pathology lab.

We decide on a suitable date for you to begin.

And we make payment arrangements of which you have two payment options. See below.

Once we have received the pathology results we are able to send your information to Metabolic Balance Headoffice and request a plan to be generated. This happens very quickly

In the leadup before you commence your plan, we make some simple changes to your diet and mealtime habits to help prepare you for Phase 1 of the Program.

You will receive a list of preparation information and ideas to try. 

You will also receive the first of my Health Coaching support material to motivate and inspire you as you move through the program. 

When your plan arrives you will be given a complete overview and explanation of your plan and the information in it. 

The plan will provide you with explanations of each of the four phases you will progress through.

Your Meal plan, including food measurements, specific foods list, shopping list, guidelines, and health information specific for you, will all be found within your personalised plan.

Future appointments will be arranged and you will have access to me for support via text message and email.

You will also have support through Face Book groups and email newsletters. 

Each Plan is completely Unique

Here’s how the program works:

Your Blood tests will provide us with 36 specific blood markers, along with your comprehensive health history and detailed body measurements, to formulate a nutritional plan precisely suited to your own body chemistry.

The Metabolic Balance Database is comprised of some of the most highly nutrient-dense foods available across the world. When your body chemistry is evaluated and your specific nutritional requirements are accessed, a list of specific foods for your metabolism is generated along with additional information personal to your body composition. 

No need to count calories. This is included in the nutritional evaluation. 


Using this food plan as a foundation, you are then guided through the 4 specific Metabolic Balance phases that make up the program. Typically extending over a 3 month period.


You learn to eat in harmony with your own body and with your health goals to rebalance your hormones and all the symptoms associated with them, reduce inflammation that is the underlying cause of many diseases and pain and reset the metabolism for improving energy and vitality.

Metabolic Balance is Trade Marked. There is no other Program like this available although others have tried to imitate the program. 


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Can Metabolic Balance Help You?

We also see remarkable improvements in autoimmune conditions, asthma, and menopause management because it lowers inflammation so significantly.

  • The program typically takes 3 months and over this time hormones are balanced, chronic disease markers are improved, inflammation is lowered and weight is released. 

It’s about health and weight management and long term change;

yet another reason why we have so much belief in this program.

Interested in a quick fix? This one is not for you. 


Many women with hormonal imbalances (e.g. PCOS / post menopause) struggle with their weight and their health.

Metabolic Balance® is designed to balance these hormones therefore restoring health and releasing weight for life.

  • The program is a true partnership between the practitioner and the client. A minimum of 7 consultations are involved and it is this support that enables long-lasting success.

  • The program is a food only plan. There are no shakes and no meal replacement bars. It’s about true nutrigenomics – the ability of real, wholesome nutrition to have a positive influence on every cell in the body. This is truly personalised nutrition.

Why Use Metabolic Balance

As a Naturopath practitioner, sifting through research to offer the best food-based solutions to some of my more complex clients; including those with thyroid conditions, debilitating digestive complaints, hormonal problems and stubborn weight, can be trial and error and time-consuming.

Metabolic Balance®, has taken the guesswork out of providing a dietary program that is specific to the individual and actually gets the results that make the change you want.

 Metabolic Balance IS a whole food nutritional plan. 


               Spending Hundreds Of Dollars Each Week On Supplements Is Not Sustainable

This program is:

* personalised nutrition, based on comprehensive blood test results, your own health history and symptoms, your age, gender, medications, and body measurements.

* a solution to long-term health; from start to end we work with you with the goal that you will never feel overwhelmed by what to eat again. You will know how to fuel your body for your absolute best health.

Metabolic Balance® is a German program, designed over 20 years ago. It was designed by and is still supported by a German medical team and nutritional


As a Metabolic Balance® practitioner, I work with head offices in Australia and Germany to ensure each program is exactly right for you as an individual. 





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Different Phases of the Plan


What Does Metabolic Balance Involve?

Metabolic Balance® is not a quick fix.

* It does involve food preparation and learning how to eat for your own body.

* It is not based on any particular diet – it is truly just for you.

* It is sustainable and it may take time to reach your healthy weight but you will feel amazing on the journey because you are      eating what is right… for you!

* It does involve embracing change, experiencing new tastes, and gaining a new lease on life.

* It is about partnering with a coach and feel supported.

* It is about creating a lifestyle and enjoying a new physically and mentally healthy version of yourself.

Again, whilst we use this program to help many lose weight and learn how to keep it off for life, it is equally effective for addressing debilitating symptoms including:

 * Debilitating fatigue, *stubborn skin issues, *joint and muscle pain;

these are commonly seen in conditions that are autoimmune in nature and medication may only help to an extent.

* Highly reactive guts that seem to inflame with almost every meal crushing one’s quality of life.

When you can get exactly the right food into your body, that completely covers all your nutritional needs, then you give your body the chance to rest, reset and renew. You give your body the chance to restore balance and vitality.


Often there may be some work we do on your diet, mindful eating, and lifestyle first, before commencing your program. A starting time will be established on our first consultation.

Start by booking an initial consultation

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The Key to Success

is to have a well-established program backed up with scientific evidence and coached by qualified professionals.

You will be provided with up to date nutritional and health information and education that is relevant and specific to you and your health journey. 

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Cherish Your Health

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Option 1:  $1497.00 one payment

Option 2: A payment schedule can be created. Ask me more.

This includes:

* 3 months of 1-1 coaching and Naturopathic support.

* All the necessary blood pathology to generate your plan 

* Your personalised Metabolic Balance  Nutritional Plan and shopping lists, which you can reuse your entire life. 

* Continued support, education, and mindset work.

* E-books of information

* Initial magnesium supplements to support you in the early weeks.

* Online 'meal ideas' Facebook support group

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Contact Me

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                           Metabolic Balance Practitioner,       Clinical Hypnotherapist.


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