Pillars of Health Program

When your health becomes your top priority, having the relevant information available will take the overwhelm and frustration away from trying to do it all yourself. 

Find everything you need to piece together your own health program in the one spot with 12 modules delivered over 6 weeks. 

With a strong background and preparation, you will be ready to individualise your health plan so that your results are sustainable now and into the future.


If it's weightloss, hormones, menopause, body pain, digestive health, thyroid health, cardiovascular dysfunction or many other health issue, the fundamental pillars will support you back to health.

Tell Me More...

There is so much noise and information at our fingertips, drawing our attention from one best diet to the next best diet leading us on a rollercoaster ride of what works and what doesn't.

It is important to understand that as individuals we each have our own specific health requirements.

But as human beings, our bodies work in the same magnificent way. 

Body systems, organs, tissues, cells, and all metabolic pathways have the same basic nutritional requirements for each and every one of us. 

Genetics, diet, lifestyle, exercise, medications, stress and relationships can all affect the manner in which our body uses the nutrition that we provide it and this also explains why each of us become very different in many ways as we age. 

By setting a good foundation based on solid knowledge of health, we put ourselves in a strong position to make the personal adjustment necessary to individualise health plans to then become more specific to each of us.

This then makes any progress in your health journey sustainable and bound for success.

The Pillars of Health 6-week program will set you up for success in health and give you the support to move forward in your health journey. 

What is included? 

In my 6 week program, we bring together all of the pieces of the puzzle for great health. 

These principles will form a strong basis of understanding that helps you make better health choices and create health patterns that are sustainable into the future. 

A Hair 500+ Compatibility Analysis is included to fast track the best foods and products for you to use. 


Pillars of Health include 12 health modules. Each module comes with information, handouts and emails to introduce you to foundational health concepts and information to make being health easy. 

When the modules are all incorporated into your lifestyle the complex puzzle of health becomes alive.

Modules cover information such as diet and nutrition, meal planning, food compatibility, body systems, movement, sleep, meditation, and mindfulness.  

Each of the 12 modules is explained and presented in a friendly usable way for you to work through over the 6 weeks. 

By the end of this time, you will have your own Health plan up and running and be benefiting from all the foundational work that you have done. 





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