Eat the foods that are right for you.


a food compatibility program that looks at close to 600 whole foods and everyday products to give you customised information in alignment with your body.

The purpose of testing for compatibility is to establish underlying causes for your symptoms.

By establishing this compatibility,  we can consciously avoid items identified as being incompatible and choose instead from a list of products that test as being compatible.


Symptoms may often seem very vague and unrelated, however often we can find a connection between the foods we are eating and everyday personal products as aggravators to our body.

There are many other reasons behind having reactions to foods or products that are not caused by allergies or intolerances. Some products aggravate our body into having a reaction, that expresses as a symptom. 

Often the aggravating item will cause inflammation inside our body and if we continually consume or use items with this level of aggravation and inflammation it leads to distress that carries on to expresses itself as pain or discomfort.


This is not an allergy or a food intolerance test. Continue down this page to read about allergies and intolerances.


Vague symptoms of headaches, pain, discomfort, nausea, itching, irritation, poor concentration, bloating ....
do not just appear for no reason. Something in your life is instigating a reaction to create a symptom.
The symptom is the way your body signals to you that something is not right. 

A solution is available. We just need to look deeper into the body, listen to what your cells are telling you and make the changes to make the difference. 

step one

Have your hair collection taken. 

Place it into a zip lock bag or paper envelope.

This sample is sent via my clinic to the Hair 500+ laboratory for testing. 

step two

Complete a detailed food diary for one week.  

This diary will list all the meals that you have had over a week, including the types of food.

For example, let us know that you had vegetables for dinner but also record specifically which vegetables they were.

step three

Once we have your results we look at your food diary and your food lists and begin to remove foods and products that are incompatible with you.

Using your food diary, you will be given instructions on which foods to remove and options of ones to replace them with. 

Items will be marked either in red or black,

step four

Your corrected meal diary will be your list for the next four weeks.

This gives your body time to relax and heal from the burden of items that have been aggravating to you. 

During this four weeks a daily record is kept of all your symptoms. 

A comparison can then be made as symptoms begin to resolve and as you body begins to heal.  

reintroduction of foods. 

After you have reached a stage where your symptoms have resolved themselves and your body has had time to rest and heal from being aggravated,

you can now be guided into reintroducing items that have been labeled as incompatible.

This process can be difficult to negotiate alone as some items may still cause you some levels of problem. 

You will be taught what to do and how to proceed.



Allergies or intolerances to foods can cause an instant reaction.

It is important to avoid those foods that are known to cause an allergic reaction and never attempt to reintroduce them.

Allergies and intolerances are generally based on a component found within food such as a particular fat, protein, or sugar within that food. 

Gluten intolerance is an intolerance to a protein found in wheat for example. Nut allergies are an allergy to a protein in the nut. Casein is a protein found in dairy products that causes an allergic reaction, as opposed to the lactose in dairy that causes an intolerance reaction.

There are many more components to foods that we are potentially allergic or intolerant to, that may never show a reaction severe enough or a symptom specific enough to pin point which item is the problem. However the hidden reactions will still cause an inflammatory response from your immune system.

"What drives allergy is a compromised immune system. A compromised immune system means that there must be a problem with the function of immune system cells. compromised immune system cells can also result in a myriad of reactions resulting in inflammation and poor organ function". Denise Hodges

"Bio-compatibility testing is aimed at a level much lower than allergy/symptom level". 

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