"Nature itself is the best physician"


Herbalism is the use of Plants and Herbs as Medicine.


Herbs are composed of therapeutic chemical properties that act on biological pathways in the body. Much the same as modern pharmaceutical medicine.

Herbs possess a complete synergistic quality. The multiple properties within one herb work together to produce there individualised therapeutic actions. The powerful actions of herbs will balance the body back to its proper functioning capacity. This means that they take longer but deliver healthier healing results without the side effects of modern drugs.


Modern pharmaceuticals have taken these individual components from herbs and produced them synthetically for the singular action they provide. They are designed to turn a body system on or off for fast-acting results and are very valuable for their specific requirement. 

Pharmaceuticals have their important place in modern medicine however they have at this point in time been unable to duplicate the synergistic effects of the complete herb plant.


The properties within some Herbs can be extremely powerful and can react with some medications, foods, and supplements. It is important to be under the supervision of a qualified practitioner to avoid any possible adverse reactions. 

Our Herbs are sourced from reputable professional suppliers and used within strict guidelines.