The eyes are the window to the soul.

Iridology is a tool that enables us to glimpse into your genetic constitution and overall health condition.

It is indisputable that the Iris is very special, individual and unique to you.

The eye itself is an organ which is a direct extension of the central nervous system from the brain.

We genetically inherit our physical appearance, aspects of our personality and our predisposition to health issues. Our genetic inheritance is also attached to every organ of the body for which we cannot directly see.

Iridology works on a map of the iris that shows us genetic strengths and weakness in body organs and overall health constitution.

We do not diagnose with iridology, but we can get an inherent picture of genetic tendencies and present system inflammation and acidic patterns that allow us to build a more informed health picture to compliment your natural health treatment.

Modern Medicine recognises that some remarkable changes in the eyes tell us of toxic build-ups such as copper (Wilsons disease), jaundice from liver conditions, cholesterol impact, high blood pressure and diabetic issues.