Functional Naturopathic Pathology

Integrative Pathology Testing are important tools available to establish an individual's cellular biochemistry. These tests allow us to investigate your health status, using Naturopathic Health Ranges, and detect imbalances in nutrients, metabolic pathways, and heavy metal disruption that contribute to ill health.

Various tests utilised include

                                 *Blood Serum Pathology                                         *Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis

                                 *Urine samples                                                            *Saliva samples

                                 *Test strips                                                                     *Breath tests  


Our extensive range of testing include

                                 *Endocrine assessments                                             *Gastrointestinal Assessments

                                 *Food Allergy and Intolerance Assessments      *Nutritional and Metabolic Assessments

                                 *Blood Spot Assessments                                          *Routine Pathology Assessments

                                 *Mental Health Assessments                                   *Genomic Assessments

                                 *Circulating Tumour Cell Assessments


Tests are ordered as required and incur an additional Pathology charge.

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