Treating you as a whole person and respecting you as an individual one.

Naturopathy is Natural Health using Integrative Medicine.

We consider you as a complete person and combine Naturopathic tools of Medicine including...

*Nutrition                                                         *Functional Medicine Testing

*Practioner Only Supplementation             * Lifestyle and Environmental Factors

*Medicinal Herbs


An Initial Naturopathic Consultation will take1 hour.  

This requires an in-depth Personal History intake form to enable a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health picture to be completed and sent back to me prior to your appointment. 

Our aim is to find the root cause of health issues and address them accordingly. This requires skill and knowledge of body systems and cellular pathways and how they present in the individual.


Education, Inspiration and Support help you achieve your health goals.


Naturopathy follows the six core principles of the Hippocratic Oath. 

*First Do No Harm

*Treat the Whole Person

*The Doctor is the Teacher   


*Identify and Treat the Cause

*Use the Healing Power of Nature to facilitate the body's natural healing ability.

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