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Energy for Weightloss... begins in the cell.

Updated: Jul 13

What is Metabolism and how does this affect your weight and energy?

Your metabolism is basically how your cells and body generate and use energy. Metabolism is the foundation for all the important chemical reactions that go on every second of every hour of every day within our body. It does this by transforming the nutrients from our foods into something that our cells can use for all the biochemical processes required to function. As you can probably imagine. There are a lot of these things happening in our body that we are totally unaware of and never have to give a second thought, because our body is so clever it just keeps going and doing what it needs to do to keep us alive.

Our Metabolism is responsible for:

·All growth and repair processes

·Oxygen supplied to all organs

·Detoxification processes performed by the liver

·Metabolism of carbon, protein, fat and minerals.

* *this results in weight control & energy production**

What influences does Metabolism have on your health?

When our body is functioning well it will produce sufficient energy to keep us doing all the activities that we need to do to get us through the day. This includes physical activity as well as mental and emotional. A properly balanced metabolism is great for your energy levels, hormonal regulation, and overall wellbeing.

When our metabolism is not functioning well, it can result in metabolic disorders. These may arise due to poor diet and nutrient deficiencies, missing enzymes, and diseases of the pancreas, liver, endocrine glands, and other organs involved in metabolism.

Common problems associated with metabolic disorders include being overweight and diabetes. There are many diet changes that can help boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar levels, regulate your weight, give you back your energy and help prevent many metabolic diseases.

How will you feel when your metabolism is balanced?

Your sleep improves and you wake up well rested

Your energy increases, which boosts your daily performance at work and home

You gain strength and muscle mass

You regulate your blood sugar levels

You balance your acidity-alkaline ratio

You achieve and maintain your desired weight

You improve your overall quality of life

What metabolism needs –

Enzymes and hormones

These regulate metabolism and control vital cellular and bodily functions.


Act like catalysts. They set bodily functions in motion and are decisively involved in chemical conversion processes. Such as the cellular processes necessary to generate body energy.


Produced by your body’s glands – such as insulin from the pancreas – interact directly with many control systems and are responsible for the entire “energy management” of your body.

Our Food

To maintain their structures and functions, enzymes and hormones need building materials and they obtain these from the food you eat each day.

Our Nutrients

If the necessary nutrients are not available or only in insufficient quantities, your metabolism can easily become imbalanced – and this leads to more than just being overweight: there are many metabolic illnesses that may develop when your metabolism is derailed – such as Type II Diabetes.

The Right Nutrients

This is why the right nutrition is a basic prerequisite for a regulated enzyme and hormone balance – and this is precisely where the personalised Metabolic Balance nutrition plan comes into its own.

Personal eating

Recommendations are made based on your blood values and individual data because each and every one of us is unique with our own habits, genetics, body composition, and health history. This is how you give your body and all your body systems and organs the food it really needs. In so doing, you may help restore your metabolic balance in a completely natural way.

Personalised plan.

Of course, it's not just all about food. Our lifestyle, eating habits, mindset, and goals all have an impact on our desire to reset our own health. This is what makes changes sustainable long-term , leading you to a self respectful relationship with food and lifestyle habits.

I love empowering people to take charge of their health. I believe the best way to do this is through knowledge and practice.

This is why I have created the Cherish Vitality Method.

To take away the overwhelm of trying to do it alone.

We take your health history, body and blood composition and match it with the specific foods that provide the correct nutrients for your unique body, to restore and optimise your metabolism.

Alongside the lifestyle skills and comprehensive knowledge building, my method will provide longevity and sustainability to your weightloss, creating abundant energy and vitality so that you can get on with living your wonderful life.

Book in for a free chat if you have any questions.

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