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The Invisible Illness - Is anyone listening?

April 28th 2020 /Jodie Studley/Naturopath/Cherish Natural Health

I have come across many people who tell me that their doctor has said they are fine.

Have you ever be told, when describing your symptoms, that everything you list seems so vague and unrelated to any real health issues?

Your blood tests have all come back normal. There is nothing wrong!

Perhaps you just need some rest and relaxation. Or perhaps you can try some antidepressants or stimulants to help you change your mood.

“All of your lab test are ‘fine’ and you are told you are ‘fine’ But you are ‘NOT fine!’

And now you believe that no one understands or believes that what you are experiencing is actually very real.

These vague symptoms may present as feeling body tired, brain fog, digestive issues, racing heart, hormonal or metabolism complaints, unusual pains, emotional overwhelm. The list may be long with no indication of any possible disease connection.

So what do you do?

Take some time off work? get more help with the children? go to bed earlier? eat healthier? exercise more? Plan a getaway? These options are just as nondescript as the symptoms you present with.

This is where combining all the test results that you have already had completed by your doctor, with naturopathic medicine, functional pathology and an individualised assessment that uses my wholistic approach to your body systems to help you discover what is wrong.

Together we look further into the findings and establish the connections that help us understand what is driving your symptoms.

I use a unique blend of naturopathic and functional medicine with the Vitae Mosaic system, to uncover what has previously seemed invisible.

You will leave with a better understanding of your health history, how your body works, what your test results tell us about your level of wellness and what you can do to improve your health through some simple dietary, nutritional, lifestyle or medicinal interventions.

It can take years to develop a disease or illness. By the time you get to the stage of actually being diagnosed, you will have gone through years of vague symptoms building upon themselves. Not knowing or understanding what is causing them and constantly being told that you are ‘fine’.

Don’t wait for the final diagnosis. Start to recover your health now. Look forward to the future with good health and longevity so you can enjoy all the little things that life has to offer.

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