Follow-up Consultation

Naturopathic Follow-up Consultation. You will be presented with a

                      *Report of Findings                                        *Treatment Plan

                      *Nutritional Supplementation (if required)         *Herbal Supplementation (if required)

                      *Dietary guidance and support                       *Educational Material

                      *Lifestyle Advice and Support

Report of Findings is a comprehensive compilation of your information, researched and gathered together.

It outlines and explains the treatment plan in support of your personal findings and presented in a folder

for ease of reference.

Piecing the puzzle of your health information together is an important step to reaching your health goals.

This is done by using Functional Naturopathic Medicine principals, Scientific Research and Traditional Remedies and Pathology results so that the potential underlying causes that drive your health state can then be addressed.

Functional Pathology may be requested.

These tests allow us to get precise information on your biochemistry. This may be required to give clearer evidence before commencing supplementation, determining the correct dosage and directing your treatment plan. 

Tests are ordered through appropriate Pathology Labs that meet our high standards for accuracy and will incur additional charges.

Nutritional Supplements is of Professional Quality and provided via Prescription through our Australian Industry Companies. 

Herbal Supplements are a traditional Naturopathic Method which is fast gathering scientific research in support of its effectiveness.

Herbs offer powerful effects that cannot be found in conventional medicine.

They can be delivered in liquid or tablet form.

Treatment Plan is provided and will outline the course of treatment.

This course can vary as treatment goes on and health markers change.

The length of treatment is determined by these changes and

by your commitment to following your course of treatment. 

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