Nutritional Supplements are not a substitute for a Nutritional Diet.

Supplements are a therapeutic addition to a nutritional diet for people that are not receiving enough of the vitamin or mineral through their foods.

We can establish what supplements may be required by examining the current diet, disease patterns, individual signs and symptoms, blood tests and other tests such as urine, saliva, food intolerances and allergy tests.

Supplements are prescribed to boost the nutritional status and help bring the body back to a more balanced state of health. They are generally not a lifetime commitment such as most pharmaceutical medications. As your body regains its healthier state the need for supplementation will decrease.


The quality of the Supplement is of vital importance when considering health treatment. Practioner only products are designed at therapeutic strengths not available to the general public and formulated with great care. These companies are strictly overseen by Australian TGA standards.

Practioner products are available to Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Herbalist, Dietitians and Doctors who follow the same evidence-based research available that supports the efficiency of supplementation use.