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Natural Health methods are gaining momentum in Women's Health, as women have a realization that they no longer want to accept feeling unwell with no particular diagnosis from the doctors and being told that they just have to accept feelings of discomfort and pain. Natural Medicine has a lot to offer to fill this void. 

Suppressing natural body functions with artificial hormones will ultimately cause an imbalance that can contribute to many signs and symptoms such as weight fluctuations, skin aggravations, sleep disturbances, mood swings (depression/anxiety), fluid retention and many more. 

The female reproductive system is very unique in its function and structure and has a close relationship with the endocrine system and the brain.

Whatever symptom is suppressed in one part of the body will express itself in another way in another part of the body. To break the cycle of unexplainable symptoms it is necessary to treat the root cause of the imbalance. Modern medicine works to suppress the female system ... Natural medicine work to balance it.